Donna Frank

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Best of all, photographs tell their stories and reflect who they are. Through photographs, memories will never fade.


To get know me before we meet:


    •    I am a wife of who promoted to be Papa and proud of him who loves his American Sign Language instruction job. I am also a mother of two adult children. It has been blessed to be called Grandma.


    •    My daddy quoted me as a “freak health”. I enjoy raw, health foods and trying new recipes. My preach on health and foods can make people nuts. In my college days, I had a thick blue book on health. It was useful but probably not for college students. :)


    •    I don’t usually read the manual instructions when I buy new things. Of course, they are the best and save your time. I am stubborn about trying to fix by myself before I give up and ask for someone to help.

    •    My family is a blessing to have. They are my world!


    •    Humanity is what I cherish. Don't you think each person is worth a million dollars?!  Every soul. Every mind. Every heart. All is different and yet they are equally vital.


    •    God is the center of my life. I thank Jesus for saving our lives and His teachings are impossible but absolutely more than just genius to learn! 


 I encourage you to follow my Instagrams, bluebrightstar and scootersunderthestars where I heavily post my photos.




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Special Events (anniversaries, birthdays)

Sport activities

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Text: 240-409-3320

Video phone: 240-575-2219


MD, DC, VA and all over the world

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